Terlingua Liberation Front
Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines for Members
(a.k.a. The Code)

Please realize that these guidelines are to be observed at all times, some of the time, or none of the time. Now pay attention, or I'll bite you!
Number one:
All TLF members are required to carry Identification Papers at all times. These are cheap, and can be picked up at your local inconvenience store. Examples include Top, Bugler, or Zig Zag.
Number two:
Any TLF Identification Papers without sticky will be considered Falsified Documents, and will be confiscated.
Number three:
Any member caught without his or her compliment of TLF ID Papers will be punished. Go directly to FEMA camp. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200 dollars.
Number four:
We must at all times make every effort to procure our 15% of whatever it is people richer than us have.
Number five:
Never attempt to procure your 15% from another TLF member. This is considered high treason against the Terlingua Liberation Front. However, owing to the universal propensity that members have of commiting this offense, penalties for it are never enforced.
Number six:
If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the desert. Similarly, if you can't stand the fascism, stay out of the system. If you're in the desert, and still in the system...
I don't know, move to Djbouti or something.
Number eight:
Take what you can, give nothin' back. Drink up, me hearties
YO HO!!!
Number seven:
It is well known that undercover officers enjoy putting us under surveillance. TLF members are expected to provide a good show for the popo, so they at least get a little entertainment out of wasting tax dollars.
Number nine:
Eat a rattlesnake from time to time. That lets the cops and the sheeple know we're serious.